So Much to Say & So Little Time

There has been a TON of stuff going on these last few weeks I haven't posted anything.  So much for me posting for a year straight.  Right now I can barely put two days together.  I feel like I'm never at home, and when I am, every computer is taken.  It's not fun to wait in line.

Football is still going on for the Rebels!!!  Yea!  Hen's team is done.  We made it to the semi's.  The boys did great, but couldn't pull it out in the end.  Basketball for Henry is kicking up & lacrosse season is just around the corner.  Wednesday we will attend the annual turkey fry; Thursday is Thanksgiving & I'm decorating my house for Christmas. I had some outpatient surgery two weeks ago.  I'm good, it was easy.  I won a Kindle Fire.  It's life...we're just usual.

I've decided since we're so busy that I'll just sleep when I'm dead.

Life is good, well, Harry has a fever today, but besides that life is good.  Hopefully I'll be able to retell some of what's been happenin' around here.  I'm in survival mode, so it's all good!

Celebrating Life!


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