Almost Nothing is Sacred

I think I have OCD, and I think it has kicked in BIG TIME.  I like things orderly.  Everything has a place & should be put into that place.  Unfortunately, I have 4-5 (since Hop is in AU most of the time it's hard to count him as a full time home dweller.) who work against me all the time.  I have been nesting like no body's business, and nothing is too good not to go.  Well, almost nothing.  I always nested every time I was pregnant....  And before you start thinking anything, just banish those thoughts right now, because I'm not pregnant.  No more little babies for this momma.  Give me teenagers.

Any-who, so this craziness started right before Christmas.  My closet was a little cluttered, so I spent a few hours cleaning it out.  Oh, it looks so much better, and I felt better.  As we were getting ready to go skiing, I reorganized all our ski gear.  The children had outgrown a lot of the old gear, but I still had it mixed in with what fit.  We let others borrow our ski clothes, so I don't want to get rid of it, just not have it mixed in with everything else.

We then went on vacay, so no crazy cleaning for me, just the normal kind.  As soon as we arrived home last week, away I went.  Purge purge purge.  So far I've done:  my chest, my bedside table, my bathroom drawers and cabinets, 2 hall closets, 1 closet under the stairs, the four deep cabinets in our den, the laundry room and the pantry.  I have the other stairs closet left & it's going to be a doozie and another set of cabinets in my den.  The closet under the stairs has kind'of become a catch all, so there's a lot of reorganizing that needs to happen & for whatever reason, that always takes a lot longer then just throwing things away.

I don't know why I kept all the stuff I did.  I don't know if I thought I would need it one day, but after a few years I've decided that I just don't need to hold onto to it anymore.  All of a sudden I hear Elsa singing "Let it Go!".

I have an appreciation for professionals who declutter people's homes.  My stuff was bad enough, and it was mine.  How do you know what means something to someone?  I kept things that were precious:  the the first pair of shoes each one my kids wore & scribbled artwork and cards from the fam.  Nothing that's worth money, but worth the world to me.

My break is almost over.  I stopped for lunch & to do a little mind purge.  :)  But now it's back to the grindstone, because right now, almost nothing is sacred.

Celebrating life & a decluttered home!


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