Sister, You Got Rules Too

Hop & some of his Dance Marathon
friends in college.
 Everywhere on the web you can find rules to date my daughter.  And, I do mean everywhere.  When you start typing "rules to date" in Google, 4 of the 5 will be female related.  It's true, we do have to watch out for our daughters, but in all honesty, I'm also worried about my sons.

The one & only Harry...
Sometimes you don't see straight when the love goggles are on.  We've told all our children that if we say something about someone  you bring home to meet us, it's not that we don't like them.  We may see a level of crazy that you can't see through said goggles.  Hopson & I are pretty doggone good at finding crazy.  And no, in this case it's not "it takes one to know one".  We're weird, not crazy; they are two very different things.  But beware to all who come to my home, I'll find out if you're crazy...

Henry (on the right) & his friend Ethan.
I think the reason I think about my boys dating, is because there are some skanky (and crazy) girls out there who just want to land a husband.  Let me tell you girls something, we're raising MOG around here, and, rule #1, if you can't figure out what a MOG is, stay away from my boys.  My boys are special to me & I consider them gifts from God, so if you're a bad girl, keep you mitts off.

Here are some rules I've come up with if you want to date any of my 3 sons.

  1. We're raising MOG, if you don't know what that is, my boys are not for you.
  2. If you are high maintenance, a drama queen or diva, my boys are not for you.
  3. If you are materialistic, don't let the door hit you on your way out.  Nobody has time for that.
  4. Respect is something that is earned and is mutual, and is very easy to lose.  Earn yours.  
  5. I expect my son to treat you like a lady because he has been raised to be a gentleman.  So, make sure you act like a lady.
  6. My sons are not girly, so don't expect them to act that way.  They can carry your purse and even talk about feelings every once in a while, but some things need to be between you & your girlfriends.
  7. My sons are not your doormat.  If you even think about treating them as such, I can make your life miserable. :)
  8. I love social media & I know A LOT of people.  I will stalk you & ask everyone & their brother about you.  If I see/hear anything I don't like, bye bye.
  9. We want to get to know you, so don't be shy.  If you're acting sketchy, I'll assume you're hiding something & I will have to find out what you are hiding. (refer back to rule #8)
  10. Trust me when I say that I can be intentionally & extremely mean.  If you even think about hurting my boys, I will make your life miserable. :)
  11. My son was not put on this earth to be your sole means of entertainment.  (or ATM)  Make sure you have some sort of a life in case he decides you are not for him.
  12. Remember I loved him first, and you have to earn my trust before I will let you have him full time.  
There you go.  Those are the first 12 rules I could think of.  I'm sure y'all could add many more.  I could have added that I have a gun, but the B factor is just as effective, maybe even more.  :)   This list is meant to be somewhat funny & also serious.  I want my sons to have happy healthy marriages to wonderfully Godly women.  They deserve nothing less.

Celebrating life & loving my boys,


  1. Conversation I had last week: I want my daughter to be able to support herself and stand on her own two feet no matter what. I don't want her to be dependent upon anyone, but to love her partner and for them to work together. They should compliment each other and she should not expect to be a parasite on her future spouse.


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