Woman, Know Thyself

This is an older pic but it's one of my faves.
My favorite daughter, E.
Yesterday I posted Rules to Date my Son.  I'm sure some people didn't think it was very funny.  Was it meant to be satirical?  Yes.  Was it meant to be serious?  Yes.  Hopson said I was a little heavy on making my sons' girlfriends miserable.  (Note to self, 1x is plenty.  And, I'm not really going to be that mean, yeesh.)  I don't want or like to be mean.  It takes to much energy.  I like to be the happy me.  :)  See, I'm smiling...sorry, rabbit trail.

We are living in an age where there are many who want to feminize men.  We want them to express their feelings.  We want them to be more nurturing.  Well, if a guy is already that way, great.  But if he's not naturally that way, don't try to force him to change.  (Hence Rule #6)  I don't expect the young ladies who date my sons to be more manly.  It's just silly to expect the sexes to be the same.  We're different.  And different is good.  It's a great thing when two different people can work together to make marriage and family run smoothly.  I don't feel threatened in the slightest that Hopson is better than me at a lot of things, because I'm better than him in other things.

Lest you find me a hypocrite, know that the rules listed for dating my sons, are being taught to Elizabeth.  We want her to be those things listed to the man she marries.  We want her to bring honor to her new family.  We want them to love her because she is a kind, loving and a strong woman.  We want her to be confident with herself to know who she is and that she has a lot to offer, and not be afraid to express her opinions.  If you need a great example of what we want for our sons, and what we want Elizabeth to be, see Proverbs 31:10-31.  We want her in-laws to feel fortunate that their son found such a wonderful young lady.

I was talking to the best hairdresser in the world, who just happens to be mine, and who has been cutting my hair since I was 8.  She has always given me sound motherly advice about life, love and raising boys.  Her second son was just married a few weeks ago; her oldest son has been married for 1 year, and you should hear her gush about her new daughters.  She loves them.  Like, you're now part of my family, and you are my daughter now too.  You know why?  Because on the rules list, they pass all the things listed.  Her new daughters bring honor to her sons & their family.  That's what I want.  I want the love in my family to grow as we add new members.

Isn't that what all parents want for their children?  I understand that I will be entrusting the love and care of my son to another woman, and that I have to let go of being the #1 woman in his life.  And I'm ok with that as long as she is a woman who knows herself and knows how to love him as a man, faults and all.

Celebrating life & living out love,


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