Good Grief Charlie Brown

Several of my posts have been very serious and, hopefully, a little thought provoking lately & so I'm offering my humiliation up to make y'all laugh.  Laughter is good for the soul.  “Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it.”  ~L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I spend just a little bit of time sitting.  I sit when I work; I sit when I sub; I sit when I'm driving children all over the place; and I sit when I write.  It's amazing that my behind is not flat as a pancake.  This is not really about my behind, it's about my new desk chair.

I've wanted one for some time now, but just now purchased it.  It doesn't go with my decor or other furniture at all, but I don't care.  It's an exerball chair.  I like it a lot except for one thing, it's not made for short people.  When I first put the chair together, well, when Henry fixed what I had messed up, I was so excited, but noticed it sat kind of low to the ground.  I was not to be deterred.  I'm going to use this chair & love this chair.

This chair is good for me; it's good for my core.  Now, I can't see over the desk, but no worries.  (I exaggerate, I could see over the desk, but it was even with my armpits.)  I had to stretch my arms to use the keyboard to my computer, but that's the price of doing business.  I blew up the ball a little more and that helped a lot, but I figured that I was going to have to keep blowing it up to keep it tall.

I had an epiphany of how I could make myself really tall on my new chair.  I decided to put a pillow on top of the exerball.  Yeah, that will work.  Hopefully my feet will touch the ground, but yeah this is a great idea.  This is going to work great!  I'm pumped & can't wait to try this out.

Did I mention that the chair has wheels?

So I put the pillow on top of the chair.  I'm loving this idea.  I'm pretty clever, and resourceful, and I'm caring about my body.  I'm going to be able to see and reach everything on my desk.  Yeah, this is a rockin' idea!  Yea me!!!  Until...I go to sit on the stupid chair.  With wheels.  Did I mention the wheels?

So, I go to sit on the pillow, on top of the ball & it proceeds to roll, very quickly, right out from underneath me.  I hit the floor pretty hard and felt like Charlie Brown when Lucy steals the ball away from him when he was trying to kick it.  Can you say total dork?  Yeah, that was me.  I decided to lay on the floor for a bit.  It actually felt good.  The dogs were the only ones who witnessed my humiliation and came and licked my face to show support and love, which was both very sweet and gross at the same time.  I'm still going to try to use the pillow, but will be very careful when I climb onto my chair.

Celebrating Life & laughing at myself,


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