When a Heart Breaks

Somebody write it down, I'm blogging two days in a row.  So much is going through my melon & this is my therapy.  Well, this and getting my hair done, but this is free.  Hopson likes free, but my hair does look much better.  Anyway...

Last year some of E's friends had a lyrical dance to the song "When a Heart Breaks" by Ben Rector.  (here's a cool remake that's acca-awesome.)  This song is one of my faves, although I would change one of the lyrics.  When you hear it you'll know which one I mean.

Have you ever had events in your life where you have literally felt your heart break?  The, I just need to lay down and wish the earth would swallow me whole, kind of breaks?  I have, and this song just speaks to my soul.  I have felt almost every emotion he talks about.  If you haven't been through something that shatters your heart, prepare yourself because it's coming.  None of us escape it, because we live in a fallen creation.  Fallen, but not forgotten, and not without hope.

Yesterday I wrote about how I love the town I live in.  I do love my city, but there has been so much heartbreak lately.  It feels like it just heaps upon itself.  Children getting sick; freak tragedies happening; parents passing away; heartbreak upon heartbreak upon heartbreak.  Heartbroken, but not forgotten, and not without hope.  Hope is a good thing, especially when you have a broken heart.

The girls took this dance to competition this year, and since they did, they also performed it in this  year's recital.  During dress rehearsal,  another mom and I sat there and cried when we watched the girls dance.  Her heart was broken, and this song touched her, here and now, but the song makes me remember.

When you experience a heartbreak it doesn't ever go away, it just becomes part of who you are.  If you let it, it can consume you or you can use it as part of your testimony.  Can you still claim that God is bigger even when the outcome you hoped and prayed for doesn't happen.  It's a sobering thought, and not one I like to dwell on.  What I do know is that God is bigger no matter the outcome.

Let your heartbreak help and bring comfort someone else.  Allow yourself to become hands and feet, and show the love of the one who brought us hope.  Remember that He cried when Lazarus died, and He knew what was about to happen.  Remember we have a hope that is eternal and has power behind it.  It's the power to take a broken heart and piece it back together so it can be used for a better purpose.

Celebrating life, broken hearts, and hope,


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