Isn't She Lovely

I have the most unselfish daughter of all time.  (She's not whiny or high maintenance either.)  She is the kind of sweet I wish I was.  She is caring and beautiful not only outwardly, but most important inwardly.  She can hang out with boys just as well as with girls.  She is the child you would give a paper sack to and she would say:  "Oh, you thought of me!  I think I'll go make a puppet."  And she would be truly grateful.  She brings grace and beauty to our family.

All the boys left today to go hunting.  I had them strip their beds so I could put clean sheets on them.  I didn't ask Elizabeth to help me, but she jumped in and didn't complain one bit when we straightened up all the rooms as well.  How she blessed me today!  To be honest, she blesses me everyday!

I love you Pitty Pat.  You are so precious to me!!!

Celebrating Life!


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