Joy instead of Sadness

Hopson right before he left to go hunting today
I am thankful for my husband for many reasons.  He is a great friend and father; teacher and worker; he is very smart and has a passion for life; and when something needs to be handled, his shoulders are broad enough to carry a very heavy load.  When I woke up this morning the first thing I thought of was:  "it's honey daddy's birthday!"  Hoppy gave him the name honey daddy when he could barely talk & it stuck.  (my sister even calls him that too.)  It will probably be his grandfather name when we're lucky enough to be grands...but that should be a long time in the future.

Some very hard things for me have happened on Hopson's birthday.  He never complained when they happened, he just rolled with it.  I was scheduled to be induced with Harry 12*31*96 and on 12*30*96 they put my mom in the hospital.  Her cancer had metastasized into her brain.  Selfishly I wanted her with me.  The doctors would have none of it, so the day before I had our second son, on Hopson's birthday, my mom went into the hospital.  Fast forward one year, 12*30*97, 3:30 pm, my mom breathed her last breath on earth, and went home to be with the Lord.  It was a heartbreaking day, but the one bright spot was it was Hopson's 26th birthday. 

God has brought me much joy to replace the sadness in my life.  I know part of it started the day I met this wonderful man.  I hope you have a wonderful 41st birthday Honey Daddy & I hope you get to kill a really big buck today!  You have blessed me more than you know.  Here's to at least 41 more!!!

Celebrating your life!


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