There's a Reason They Call Them Grand...

I love my children.  I love almost everything about them.  (except when they make a huge mess & fight)  I am one of their biggest fans, but it's also part of my job to call them out when they've done something wrong.  But I've noticed something.  Something about grandparents....  In a grandparent's eyes, their grandchildren are the brightest and the best.  They can do no wrong.  You want to make a mess, and not have to worry about cleaning it up?  Sure, you just have a fun time playing sweet baby.  You want to eat 3 chocolate doughnuts for breakfast?  Well sure, who doesn't want 3 doughnuts?!

I love how Bill Cosby talks about his parents as grandparents in his monologue:  'Bill Cosby:  Himself'.  Classic!  I tend to think, since I'm raising four children, that grandparents earn every happy experience they get with their grandchildren.  It's hard raising children.  Don't get me wrong, there are tons of wonderful experiences, but it's still hard.  When you're a grandparent, you don't have to worry about that anymore.  You are like Disney World where you never say the word 'no'.

They tell embarrassing stories about you when you were a child.  They let you stay up late; eat candy at all hours; and buy you the really loud obnoxious present your parents wouldn't even think about getting you.  Grandparents are meant to be grand in the eyes of their grandchildren, and in our house, they are!  A grandparent's name is earned, and it is one of the most special names there is.

My children are blessed with a beautiful set of grandparents:  GiGi & Pop.  They are two of the most spry grandparents I've ever met.  They are world travelers.  They play tennis and workout.  They go to the movies and play football with the grandchildren in the backyard. They serve in their church; go to the Grove in Oxford to hear bands play; or go to the bookstore to hear a writer speak about a book they've written.  They are the kind of grandparents I want to be able to be.  We love you GiGi & Pop!  Thank you for blessing our family everyday!

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