Son, Do You Know Who You're Messing With?

Raising Godly men in this day and age can be difficult.  The prevalent environment of today is for men to be feminized.  I think I'm just gonna say, um, no.  My boys are going to be Godly chivalrous men.  They are going to treat women for the princesses they are.  Because you know what?  You need to know who your messing with.  Each girl is a princess to the King of Kings, and I don't think you want Him mad at how you treated one of His prized possessions.

I was talking with Hop about it the other day.  Our pastor said something in a sermon last year that really hit me hard.  It was a message to the young people about dating.  He told the boys to treat their girlfriend how they want their future wife to be treated by whomever is dating her.  I know that sounds so weird, but when you wrap your mind around it, it makes total sense.  That also means that whomever you are dating...treat her like she belongs to someone else.  God has placed her in your care for at least a little while, so you protect and cherish her.

Today's society won't tell you that, but I'm going to fight against it, and teach my boys differently. 

Now, this is not one sided.  Elizabeth will know how she needs to act as well.  The boys are not to do all the work.  Respect goes both ways.  It's amazing the power of positive words have on guys.  We as women have the chance to speak words of life over our men.  We can build them up and affirm them.  I know when I show respect to Hopson as the head of our family how it ultimately comes back to bless me.  The world will tear our men down, and us girls can counteract the negativity over our men. 

This is from May 2012, but I like it.  :)
I hope my future daughter-in-laws want strong husbands, because there will be no girly men raised here.  They will love, honor and cherish their wives and families.  They have had a wonderful example, and Hopson and I expect nothing less.  My future son-in-law will get a beautiful princess who is strong and loving.  She will bring him honor and respect.  That's just how it's going to be around here, because we know who we ultimately answer to.  He is the greatest father ever & lead by example.  Thank you Jesus!

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