Pretty Pretty Girls

Stephanie & Hop
I have to say, my boys have great taste in girls.  The girls they hang out with (and date) are just as pretty on the inside as they are on the out.  And to this momma, that's a big deal.  We don't have time for mean girls around here. 

A BIG telltale sign about the kind of girls they are is that they are kind to little siblings.  They never complain when the little ones want to say hey, or get excited that other teenagers are in the house.  Elizabeth mentioned that she feels like she has a lot of brothers because of all the guys who come in and out of the house.  The girls are just as nice.  Hop's girl friends, and his girlfriend, Stephanie, are always sweet to the little ones.  Thanks kiddos!  Mama Nance loves you for this!!!  Last night after Sadie Hawkins, Margaret & Haley wanted to wake up Henry last night to say hey, and they pulled in Harry to help.  Any chance Harry has to harass his younger siblings is fun for him.  Um, thanks girls, I think.  Henry was not very happy to have Harry in his room, but it's all good.

Margaret & Harry
I think Hop & Harry had fun at Sadie Hawkins last night.  I still can't believe it's Hopson's last one & that Harry is half way done.  Time is marching on.

Big Hopson was in charge of taking pictures with Harry.  I asked him about some of the pictures because they seemed kinda weird and fuzzy.  He informed me that they didn't have anyone there who was quite as type A as me.  He told me one of my spiritual gifts was being a loud mouth bossy mom.  OK...I guess I'll take that in a positive way & not get my feelings totally hurt.  I think being loud and bossy can be good if you're trying to organize teenagers, I guess.  Look here, Jesus can turn that into something good.  He likes people who are flawed anyway.  We always know when it's Him working through us, because we are usually a mess anyway. 

Oh well, it was a fun night.  I do love teenagers.  They make me smile.  :)

Celebrating Life!

Margaret & Harry

Stephanie & Hopson


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