If You Like Pina Coladas...

On our way
...the smell of coconuts, the ocean breeze, the sun shining on your face, long walks, eating fresh seafood, people watching, or taking drive in a convertible, do I have the destination for you!

Hopson likes for us to get away if we can for a few days each year or two.  Just us, no rugrats.  We love said rugrats, but sometimes mama & daddy just need to decompress. 

He looks cute in a convertible!
He booked us a few days in the Florida Keys.  When we left Thursday, it was cold and rainy.  When we landed in Miami, it was in the high 70's and sunny.  Thank you Lord for the sun!  I don't think I had seen it in almost two weeks.  I'm sorry, do I live in the pacific northwest or the deep south?  Right now I'm leaning toward the pacific northwest just with southern accents.  It's been a crazy wet winter.

17 miles on the odometer...
We wound our way through the maze called the Miami airport to get our car.  No lie, it took us 30 minutes from the terminal to where the rental cars are.  I will never criticize the Atlanta airport ever again!  Now, you know Honey Daddy is a CPA by trade.  Do you know how CPA's are?  Very tight with their wallets, which is not a bad thing, but if you're going to be driving on Highway 1 headed to Duck Key, you really need a convertible.  Guess who talked Hopson into getting a convertible?  That would be me!  It was so wonderful.  I felt like I was 18 again.  To top it all off, the convertible had 17 miles on it when we drove it out of the parking garage.  Yes, you read that right, 17 miles.  She was brand spanking new.  I was taking huge deep breaths when we were putting our luggage in it because it had new car smell.  Love new car smell!!!
The sunset as we were
driving to Duck Key

It was a beautiful drive to Duck Key.  The sun was setting and all the colors in the sunset were just breathtaking.  Add to it the smell of the ocean, and it was fabu!

Key West at sunset
We stayed at a place called Hawk's Cay.  If you get the chance, go there.  It's 12 miles north of Marathon, which is about the half way point to Key West.  They have hotel rooms and condos you can rent.  We stayed in the hotel portion.  Our room was close to the adult pool, yea!  We stayed in a little cabana out by the pool because I burn like a lobster.  We slept late, took long walks, ate seafood...it was incredible!

Sunset in Key West
One afternoon we drove to Key West; walked Duval Street, then went to Mallory Square; watched the sun go down; and ate at Fogarty's so we could do some serious people watching.  That is one of Hopson's favorite pastimes...people watching.  I felt like I was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  It was very pretty, but hey, I'm not into some of the things they had going on.  Nakedness was involved...yeah, I'll pass on that.  It was beautiful though!  Watching the sun go down on the southern most part of the eastern seaboard.  90 miles to Cuba baby...

Hopson sporting his
Flow Society shorts.  :)

When we arrived home it was cold and rainy.  But I can go back and pretend I'm back in Hawk's Cay until I remember that the people need to be fed.  Oh well, what can I say, I had a wonderful time!  I live a great life!
Celebrating Life!

Driving back to Miami... :(
He still looks cute in a convertible!

There were iguanas that would just
come and hang out. This is one of the
small ones.


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