Love Me Some Frog legs!

No, not the kind you eat.  Yuck!  Although, my MeMaw used to gig, cook & eat frog legs.  That's like eating Kermit, and I just can't do that.  Well, maybe now I could.  Kermie I think has become a socialist.  How about you just love the pig and do your little show?  But, I digress.

I love Intellectual Froglegs.  I know I've talked about him before, but hey guess what?  I'm going to talk about him again.  Joe Dan Gorman is hilarious & hits the nail right on the head. His allegiance is to God, truth and freedom.  Yes JDG, I'm right there with you!  And, I'll have a double of what ever you're having!  It's good stuff.

Go check him out, he loves Jesus, he loves America, he's southern & he's awesome.  FTL, in his latest video he uses a song Eddie Murphy sings in Coming to America!  It's great & makes me want to watch the movie!  Click HERE for his latest video.  And don't worry, he doesn't just talk politics to hack off liberals in his video, he brings up religion also to hack off the atheists.  Yes, it's most enjoyable to watch.

Go check it out, enjoy the laugh & research the stuff for yourself.  And oh yeah, don't forget to...

Celebrate Life!



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