Birthdays, Cold Weather & Ski Pants

The last two weeks have been CrAZy!  Oh wait, our weeks are always crazy.  :)  Because of what we did over Christmas vacation I have some definite opinions about a few things.  I know, hold your comments, I have opinions about pretty much everything.  Here goes...

This reminds me of a Christmas Carol.
We left Christmas day for Park City, Utah for the fam to take our vacation skiing.  We are usually spring skiers, but because Hop's spring break is different from the other three, Harry had the idea to go at Christmas.  We left the 25th so I didn't really decorate the house for Christmas.  I put out our favorite decorations, but I didn't put out everything, and it was all packed up before we left.  I didn't even wrap any presents.  I love Christmas, so this part was hard for me to swallow.

All my peeps skiing on the 26th.
We arrive in Utah to it snowing.  It was in the 20's, which is cold but manageable.  My first hiccup was getting my skis.  I have little feet with pretty big calves. (Thanks Dad.)  Because of this, I have to have special expandable boots.  They didn't have any boots in my size that would fit a large calf, but he did have one a half size larger.  I thought this would be ok, but I found out when I started skiing that I couldn't control my skis because my feet were sliding around in my boots.  I couldn't wear two pair of socks because then my calves wouldn't fit.  It was a conundrum, but I made it work.

The groomed blue, mogully
double blue & double black
Hop & Harry skied.
Looking ahead at the weather, it was going to be cold...not just a little cold, but very cold.  The high was in the single digits & teens with the lows below 0.  Have you ever been going 20+ miles an hour down a hill in sub 0 weather?  It will freeze your nose hairs & burn your face.  Oh it's cold. The whole time we were skiing I kept singing the line from Jimmy Buffet's Boat Drinks...."I want to go where it's warm".   I've decided I like spring skiing the best.  When the highs are in the high 30's maybe even low 40's with bluebird skies; it's nice. Things can get a little slushy in the afternoon, but for me it's an even trade.  I need the warmth of the sun.

Our first day of skiing was my birthday, the 26th.  Our fam skied together the entire day.  It was a great birthday present.  One run we did was a nice steep blue.  It was groomed & was like skiing on butter.  Hopson decided he wants to do a double blue off the same lift.  No problem, except that he wasn't sure if it had been groomed.  I was given an out, but decided to stick with the fam.  Hiccup #2.  It was a double blue with moguls.  Yeah, um, I don't do moguls, but I had no choice if I wanted to get down the mountain.  It took me kind of a long time, but I only fell three times.  I did rip my ski pants.  :(  I was able to sew them & it lasted the rest of the week.  :)

Honey Daddy on his 44th birthday.
The 30th was Hopson's birthday.  More skiing & it was freezing.  When we arrived at Solitude it was -8.  It burned to breath & when the wind would blow it would cut right through you.  We toughed it out even though we were frozen like popsicles.  That night Hopson said he has decided he's not having any more birthdays.  I say bring them on!  It's only a number.

Dinner, spades & football
My favorite time was at night.  I would cook dinner for the fam & they would first get into the hot tub & then they would play games.  Elizabeth & Henry learned to play spades.  It was great & there was so much laughter.  We watched the bowl games and cheered on the SEC.  Those nights were wonderful.

The 18  year old with his
toilet paper birthday cake.
We left New Year's Eve, which is also Harry's birthday.  It's a bummer, but can be fun traveling on your birthday.  Since it was Harry's 18th, and I am his mother, I wanted to make sure I empowered others to embarrass him as much as possible.  We caught our final leg home out of Las Vegas.  We had a GREAT flight crew.  I love Southwest Airlines.  The flight attendants at the end of the flight had the entire plane sing happy birthday to Harry & they made him a toilet paper cake.  It was really sweet!

It's nice to go away, but it's always nice to be home.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas & I
am praying for a wonderful new year for you all!

Celebrating another year of life!


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