Life Through Poetry

My sweet Elizabeth.  She truly loves people.  She truly loves her brothers.  She is proud of their accomplishments, and when they are disappointed she feels it too.  I don't know how I am so blessed to have such a kind child.  God knew I needed a living example in my household of how I'm to be, so He gave me Elizabeth. 

She is the person I aspire to be.

Hopson played his last high school football game in November.  I didn't realize it would affect Elizabeth so much.  I mean, I knew I would cry and be upset, but I'm his mom.  As the last two minutes ticked down, Elizabeth looked at me after she took some pictures with tears in her eyes & cried that she couldn't believe it was over.  Yes, I know it's over.  Oh how I know.  I think it is a realization for her that we are not going to be a family of 6 for forever.  I have to stop writing about this, I'm making myself cry.  (I am not redoing my makeup for my date with Hopson tonight!)

The next morning, Elizabeth wrote a poem about it.  So proud of her creativity.  She decided to enter it in school's River of Words competition.  It is a good poem, and I'm not one of those moms who hands out accolades like candy at Halloween.  E's poem shows depth.  I can feel her hurt as she realizes that next year #59 will not be our cute, kinda short, dark headed, really smart guy on the field.  It will be someone else's brother, but not hers.

Well, she came home the other day & said that her poem was listed with some other poems, pictures, and photographs.  I told her that was great!  It's kinda cool to get your stuff recognized.  Since I was at the school last night for a Quebec meeting, I wanted her to show me her poem.  We walk down to where the poem is, and I'm smiling as I look at it.  So excited for her.  I ask if she wants me to take her picture with it, she says, OK.  So I'm looking at everything listed, and as my eyes are roving the whole panel, I notice a little sign where it says 'Winners'.  And guess what I see?  Under poetry in 1st place is you guessed it....Elizabeth!  She had no idea.  She spent about 5 minutes giggling.  (she does that when she's nervous or excited)  She's such a goober.  I love her.  She just thought they liked it; she didn't know that she won. 

Once you read it, you'll understand why she won.  I asked her if I could put her poem here on AYITL.  Here is the poem, misspelled words and all.

Celebrating life & a sister's love,

Final Minutes
When it comes down to the final minutes
Your breath quickens
Your heart races
And the tears might start to come
In the final seconds  you give it all you've got
You leave it all on the field
All the hurt
The love
And all the sweat you've put into it
It's hard to fathom that these are  your last minutes
On that field
As a rebel
In the red
No matter what happens
Life goes on
Whether we want it to
Or not
Every game I go to now
I will always look your number
And be disappointed to find out it is not you
Every Friday I'll look from our house
See the field lights
Hear the band
And think of you
100 miles away
Of at College


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