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Have guns, will hunt...
Our family is a bunch of Jesus loving, gun toting, football watching people.  We love to hunt animals and we eat what we kill.  We believe in loving our fellow man.  We believe in personal responsibility for your actions.  We believe in absolute truth; that the Bible is the inspired Word of God; and that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world.

If you don't agree with me, that's your problem.  And, it's my blog, so if you don't like any of those things then I would like to invite you to quit reading.  I say this all in the most life giving way of course.  :)

Because we believe in all these things, when our niece Claire, who lives in Alexandria, VA wanted to come down to God's country to hunt, of course we said a resounding YES!  Any chance we can share southern hospitality with kin (which is family for those of you not from the south) is a good day.

Claire & Hopson in the shooting house.  It was cold.
December 26th is the big day that Claire arrives.  (Just in case you had forgotten, that's my birthday)  We are all very excited.  She shows up dressed so precious.  She was wearing her mack daddy new boots, she received for Christmas, over her cute skinny jeans. She looked like a fashion plate.  She could wear a potato sack and look cute.  I'm turning a little green.  Tall with long legs & such a pretty fresh face!  I'm a little partial, can you tell?  We love Claire.  She and her brother, Briscoe, came to visit this past fall during football season, and went down to the lake with us.

Claire walks in the door & gets hugs all around & then, because they have to hurry and get on the road to the hunting camp, she has to try on her jumpsuit.  While she's trying it on Harry brings her two shotguns to finish the look.  She's so cute!  She looks pretty dangerous holding those things.  I think her parents were hoping she would kill something because they wanted to see if she could field dress a deer.  One thing I forgot to mention is that Claire is SURROUNDED by guys at the hunting camp.  Elizabeth is usually the only girl who will go hunt & she's not there every time since Hopson has to sit with Henry and Elizabeth while they hunt.  It can be a little intimidating I'm sure, but the boys said she did great.  Everyone there said that Claire was welcome back anytime.  :)

Need we say more?

There is a reason it is called hunting and not killing.  Killing a deer is a little harder than you would like it to be.  On one of her morning hunts Claire didn't see anything, and in the afternoon she took a shot (where the gun kicked back in her face) but missed the deer.  I told her she needed Harry to do his amazing deer dance in the field so she could kill a deer.  The deer dance is another story for another time, but know it's pretty funny!

I hope Claire had fun!  Hopefully next time she'll kill a big buck so she can have his head mounted and proudly displayed in her home.  What every red blooded hunter longs for, a mounted deer head.  :/  I just like the meat.  Super lean & very yummy!

Oh well, we'll try again another time.  So glad our city mouse has gone a little country!  Love you Claire!!!  Careful y'all, this girl has guns & will hunt!

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