Taking You A Page Over

I've been so remiss lately about posting.  I had forgotten how CraZY December is.  One more big deep breath...tomorrow is the last day of school for this semester.  The fam is very excited about this fact.  (I would be lying if I said that I wasn't ready too.)

Anyway, I posted something on my sorority alum blog & wanted to send you over.  Anyone can read it.  It about the 'S' word.  It's a word we don't say here in the south unless we want all heck to break loose.  :)  Y'all know what it is!

Well, gotta go.  Have to pick E up from dance & help Hopson make some Red Fish Cubion.    I'm not too crazy about it.  I like butternut squash bisque myself.  :)  Yum, comfort food!  I may have to make some for me. 

Have a wonderful Thursday!
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