Happy Day, Sad Day

Yeah, he's pretty hot!
God is so cool.  He always gives me something happy to think of on sad occasions. 

Today is big Hopson's birthday.  Happy Birthday to Honey Daddy!  I love that man & sometimes he drives me crazy.  I guess that's how it is when you've been married for almost two decades.  :)  He hates for us to draw attention to him on his birthday; he would be happy to just let it pass with no fanfare, cake or gifts.  Whatever!  I need cake, it makes me happy.  He just wants to be in the woods, so I let him go.

Today is also another special day.  It's my mother's angelversary.  She has been in heaven 15 years today.  3:31 pm is the exact time, just in case you're wondering.  I have been the matriarch of my family for 15 years.  I never wanted that role.  I still don't want it.  I would rather have my mom back, faults and all.  (except when my kiddos trash the house)  Hopson and I ended up buying my parents' house, and I can hear her complaining about how it looks.  She would stay up until the wee hours of the night cleaning; um yeah, not me.  I need my sleep.

But every December 30th I think of Hopson all day & my momma in passing.  It's more fun to focus on the present & life than looking in the rear view mirror of the past.  You know, you're only supposed to glance in the rear view mirror anyway, so I will look ahead, and every so often glance behind and remember. 

It's a great day to celebrate a birthday!

Celebrating Life!


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