One Last Sadie

Stephanie & Hop

As you know, this is Hop's year of lasts.  I know how the girl's mothers feel wondering if your child will be asked to homecoming or prom.  That is how I feel about my boys at Sadie time.  Hop was asked tonight.  :) 

Stephanie is a very smart & talented young lady.  (she also has a very sweet mama & daddy!)  I'm thankful for sweet girls.  I remember looking up to high school girls when I was in middle school & E has some great ones to look to.  They love the Lord and their families.  They are involved in different activities at the school & are always sweet to me and the other children in our family.  (huge points earned on the last aspect!) 

Thanks Steph for asking Hop!  I know y'all are going to have a wonderful time.  It's the last one for you have lots of fun & make a ton of memories.  :)

The American Flag ornament is appropriate for this
We The People guy. 

There were quite a few people eyeballing these cookies.  :)


Celebrating Life & one last Sadie!

PS ~ Hopefully I'll be posting something about Harry in a few days...we'll see!  Merry Christmas!


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