Will He Ever Come Home?

Hop left yesterday morning to go interview for an internship on capitol hill.  We may never get him back home for several reasons.  :/    He loves DC and I think wants to work up there & also he's still not physically home from the trip yet.  There is a problem with the brakes on his plane.  He's been stuck in Atlanta for four hours.  I'm waiting patiently for him to get here.  It's going to be hard letting him go.

I know that he may never come home if he goes up to DC.  When I talked to him earlier, he said he was having a wonderful time.  Hopson's brother Will & wife Penny took Hop under their wings while he was up there.  Penny's staffers treated Hop like that loveable kid brother.  He felt taken care of.  They showed him around the capitol in-between his interviews.  He can't wait to go back for the We The People finals in April & then for the summer for hopefully an internship.

One little bird trying to fly away.  :(  I guess I'll have to let him go, even though I don't really want to.

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