And Now, Light the Candles

What?  Who's lighting candles, and why in the world are you lighting them Fabio? 

There are things my kids show me on YouTube that just scare me.  Most of the time I don't know how they find them, they just do.  They're teenagers, what do you expect.  On a side note, this is why you have to know what you're children are watching and listening to.  In this case, I know where Hop saw this YouTube video.  I want to thank Mrs. Brock, Hop & Harry's eighth grade English teacher.  She showed them crazy stuff & they haven't forgotten any of it.

Mrs. Brock showed them some crazy Fabio video of a song he recorded and made a video for.  Ew!  Fabio does nothing for me.  I don't like muscles that are that big & hair that is longer than mine.  I do think Ryan Lochte is gorgeous...sorry, rabbit trail.

Look, someone lit some candles!
Hop decided that it would be funny to line up a ton of candles to spell out HC, and then play the Fabio song when it talks about lighting the candles he would ask Lizzie if she would go to homecoming with him.  It didn't turn out exactly as he wanted. Harry described it as incredibly awkward.  Of course Harry was smirking while he tattled on Hop.

Lizzie didn't want to go see what the candles were, and I think a few blew out.  I think the song was not where it was supposed to be when she came outside, so it just seemed a little creepy.  Poor Hop.  Sometimes he thinks too hard.  I know he and Lizzie will have fun.  She is so sweet. 

It's Hop's last high school Homecoming.  How did we get to this year so quickly?  It has passed in a flash.  Lizzie & Hop, I hope y'all have a wonderful senior homecoming!!!

Celebrating Life!

Lizzie & Hop...She said yes.  Whew!


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