Someone Pass the Forks

Harry & his friends forking Haley's yard
The Harry Edition...

I love homecoming.  It's just a fun time of year.  The anticipation of finding out who the boys are going to be asking is a fun part of it for me.  I will try to get them to tell me as soon as they figure out who they want to ask, but mostly they don't tell me.  And yes, I am a mom that makes my children go even if they are being wishy washy about it.  They have always had fun, and sometimes it's not just about them.  There are a lot of girls out there who want to go and never get asked.  I know when Elizabeth is in high school I'm going to want her to have a date. 

There was a rumor going around our high school that 'freshman don't go to homecoming' that I heard for the first time when Hop was a freshman.  Because I'm an alumni of the school, I informed him that was a lie & he better find a date because he was going.  Why parents would listen to rumors is beyond me.  You only have four years in high school, so you might as well pack in as many memories as you can.  That's my two cents worth anyway.

Harry asked his date first after the football game last night.  She is precious & her name is Haley.  Harry decided to fork her yard.  Is destruction of property ok when it's for a good cause?  He didn't tear anything up & they (a sweet group of friends helped him) made sure to get all the forks up when they were done.  They were too funny & because Harry can't drive I tagged along to document.  Of course he was not happy that I had my camera out, but when has that stopped me in the let me think...that would be never!

The waiting can be the
hardest part.
Haley...will you go to

I love the other kids Harry pulled in to help him pull this off.  One of Haley's friends was keeping her busy inside the house while Harry and 5 others made a huge HC? out of forks.  It was cute and she was surprised.  I know they will have fun.  We're having the after party, so it will be messy.

One down & one to go.  Hopefully Hop will ask soon.  We'll see how he asks his date, it should be interesting!

Celebrating Life,

She said yes!!! 


  1. Love it!! And I am so thankful you made Hopson ask a date his Freshman Year and I am delighted it was my daughter. They had a great time and made great memories!!!!


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