Total Slacker

OK y'all,
I have to admit it, I'm a total slacker!  Things have been ramped up since September started & by the time I find my way to my computer I'm exhausted & so I am now over a week behind on my postings.  No, this is not an excuse, it's me apologizing for not writing.

I'm going to be making all of the postings up for the past week over the next 3 days!!!  I know you're excited.  I just need some quiet time in front of my computer without my phone ringing or someone needing me or thinking that the homework they need to do on the computer is more important.  (that last part is a joke by the way, their homework is very important.)  The children have to jockey for computer time ever night, it's so fun to watch...not!

So here's the posting for the 5th, so now I only have 8 more to go!  LOL.  I've got some good ones, I hope, they're just all stuck in limbo aka my head.

Celebrating my CraZy Life!!!


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