It's Just a Dog, Right?

Our sweet Maggie

I hate dealing with death.  I don't care who or what it is, it's just heartbreaking.  The older I'm becoming the more it hurts.  I've become a watering pot & will cry at the slightest provocation.  It's terrible.  The children just roll their eyes and shake their heads...most of the time.

Today was a very hard day.  Our sweet lab, Maggie, died at home this morning.  It was truly heartbreaking.  She was our first family pet.  She came into our family July 31, 1999, The day before Hoppy turned 5, and Harry was 2 1/2.  They loved that little puppy.  They would run around in the yard with her and she would chase them around.  They loved her and she loved them.  Mags was a great dog.  Never once did she bite or even growl at a child.  She had her ears, tail and skin pulled enough to want to hurt someone, but she never did.  All she ever wanted was to be loved.

When I woke up I knew something was wrong with her.  She had her shoulders rolled back and wouldn't go outside.  I left the door open so she could go when she was ready.  A little while later I peeked outside & she was laying down in the grass breathing a little shallow.  I went a talked to her while I petted her.  Since it was 6am, it was time to get all the children ready for school. 

After about 30 minutes I checked on her again & she had moved to one of her favorite spots in the yard, and she was gasping for breath.  Henry & Elizabeth went out with me & I had them go immediately to get Hop & Harry.  We all sat there telling Mags how much we loved her, what a good dog she was & that it was ok.  Ugh, I hate this!  I don't want my children to feel the hurt that comes with death.

Elizabeth had to be at school early, so I told the big boys not to leave Maggie alone.  While I quickly dropped E off at school, Maggie passed away while Harry was with her.  I hated that my sweet Harry was the only one outside.  It's hard to watch someone (or something) die with others around, but I didn't want any one child to be there alone.  There are so many emotions.  While Mags was 13 and lived a very long life, it still hurts. 

I know we are going to miss that needy dog.  Big Hopson made the comment that Maggie was the best dog he ever had.  That hurts my heart...a big boy and his dog.

Rest in Peace sweet Mags you were a great puppy dog!

Celebrating Life,


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