Yes, I'm So Proud

This is a short posting.  And I'm not really blogging about it, so really this is just a figment of your imagination. 

I'm so glad I have crazy kids.  They do and say weird stuff & it just makes me happy.  It shows they have some charisma, and that they can laugh at themselves.  They all learned this fairly quickly because if they do something quirky in this house, we will laugh at you.  Every once in a while they would start to get upset & we would reign them in & point out how hilarious the situation is.  I have to say it helped.

In Friday's pep rally a certain child in this family dressed up.  This child was absolutely hilarious.  This child went around all day yelling 'roll tide' at friends and teachers.  We are not Alabama fans, so you can imagine how he said it.  (if you need a hint, think of the most redneck fan you know & multiply it by about 10.)  Yes, I am so proud. 

He's a zany kid, and I love him to death.  Said child, I think you're pretty cool!

Celebrating Life & zany kids!


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