Just Hit Me...Right in the Kisser!

I'm in need of a rant today.  What I've been though with my kids is more painful than slamming your hand in a car door.  Really.  It's not my children that have done these things, it's policies...

When did a 14 year old become an adult?  When I take my older children to the doctor they have to sign a consent form for me to be allowed to see their information etc.  WHAT?  First of all, said child can not drive.themselves.anywhere.  Second, they can't even pay for the visit.  That's called being a dependent.  Third, until said child can drive and pay for ALL their stuff, I am going to know what the heck you are doing to them.  HIPA my butt!  Otherwise, don't send me the bill! 

Monday we tried to call Auburn to get Hopson's account activated, which is a lot more difficult than it should be.  I've paid the $200 non-refundable fee, we have the student ID number they sent with his acceptance letter, but no ID name and password to go with said ID number.  I call my beloved Alma Mater, because Hop is in school & the online portal opens at 9am.  Hey kids leave for school by 8, but Hop was actually at school by 7:30 for Monday meetings.  Since he's going to be attending your school next fall, this is something I really wanted him to do by himself.  But I digress. 

I call Auburn.  Tell them I feel like a dufus, which I do.  I need his ID name so I can activate the account.  You know what I was told?  Just guess....no it's ok, I'll wait.  I was told: "I'm sorry, it's the University's policy that we only give the account information to the student."  OK, wait just a darn second.  He's my child, who I gave birth to a little over 18 years ago, who is totally financially dependent on his parents, and you won't give me his stupid ID?  I have the 9 digit number in his acceptance letter, in which you tell him Welcome to Auburn University.  And just FYI, the letter was a little to vague on how to proceed for my liking.  The 'What's Next' flyer didn't help all that much either.  Just thought you would like to know. 

I was told again, I'm sorry, it's the University's policy, we only give it to the student.  I text said child and inform him of what he needs to do.  Call this number give your ID number, badda-bing, badda-boom, we have the ID so we can proceed.  They tell him that he's not in the system.  Would someone please hurt me?  No, I mean really, just give me a big smack across my face.  I don't have time for this, and I can't imagine any parent who does. 

Well, we'll try this afternoon & tonight when he gets home unless I can disguise my voice to sound like an 18 year old.  Oy!

Celebrating Life...if I don't hurt myself first!  War Eagle anyway!


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