Loving the Atmosphere

I love the atmosphere that surrounds a high school football game.  Yes it is about the game, but there are so many colorful things that go on as well. 

Most of the kids who are on the football team; in the band; those who are on the dance line, majorettes, cheerleaders, and mascots will not do these things when they go to college.  They do them now to be involved in their school, and more importantly for the love of the activity itself.  It's hard for them to imagine a time when they won't be doing them anymore, but it's approaching faster than they realize.

I hope all of them are holding onto these days and loving every second.  They all want to go to college.  The kids in college want to graduate and get into the real world.  Everyone in the real world would every once in a while like to go back.  Or at least I would love to go back for a bit.  I had a great time in high school and college, and want the same for my children and their friends.

We are getting closer to homecoming.  It will be a fun week.  It always is.  It's a time of little sleep but a lot of fun.

Celebrating Life!



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