Where Has Truth Gone?

As you all know, unless you live under a rock, the election is coming in less than 2 weeks.  As I was pondering the election, I started thinking about a lot of things; most of which that have nothing to do with politics.  I wanted to share them with you & get your thoughts on the matter.  Like I said, it's not all politics, it's my mind going crazy.

  • Why do people lie and steal?  This is something that really bothers me.  With a husband who is a CPA, who audits businesses for a living, it is shocking how many people are stealing from their employers.  The theft and lying go hand in hand.  If you're stealing, you are also trying to cover it up.  Hence enter the lying.  A lot of people get away with it, but why do it?
  • Absolute truth vs relative truth.  I am an absolute truth kinda girl.  There are things that just don't change no matter what I or you think or say.  But I guess it depends on what your definition of 'is' is.
  • When did falling down become bad?  Why don't we let our children reap the rewards or failures of their own behavior and choices?  Children don't truly learn unless they can do things for themselves.  I'm not saying that we don't guide our children, but there is a difference in guidance and doing things for them.  This is an age appropriate thing too.  I'm not going to hold Henry to the same standards I would hold Hop, but as Hen ages I will.
  • Why do we give so much credibility to celebrities and professional athletes?  Have you seen how many of these people live?  Hedonistic.  And we hold them up as role models for our children?  We allow them to model behavior for our children?  Well, not in my house.  The drugs, promiscuity, greed, and win at all costs mentality is not acceptable for our home.  There are a few that we like, but for the most part we just want you to star in your movie or play your game, and don't tell me how I should live my life.  

So there you go.  These are the things I think of at 3 am when I can't sleep.  My mind is going crazy and I can't shut it off.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep tonight...we'll see. 

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