Oh, Those are Optional

Friday night Hopson had an away game.  Because we go to all the games, sometimes Harry's friends will catch rides with us.  We love it!  The more the merrier is one of our family mottos.  It's true when they tell you that once you hit a certain number of children if you add a few more you don't really notice it. 

While big Hopson was driving to the game, he came to a rolling stop at a stop sign close to our house.  (which I NEVER do, and don't promote doing.  Ha!) When I commented on how much I liked his stop, Henry pipped up from the back that all the stop signs with white rims around them are optional.  That is right Henry, they are.  (wink, wink)  It's kinda a family joke.

After this comment, we were all chatting quietly as we listened to the radio.  We were a few miles from the school where we're playing when Harry starts talking about how his driver's ed teacher thinks it's hilarious that people think that stop signs with white rims are optional.  Pete is quiet & then pipes in from the backseat:  "don't all stop signs have a white rim around them?"  Oh Peterson!  You made my night!!! He thought it was true because Henry said it was.  Um, Henry is 10, he's never come close to knowing all the rules of the road.  It was one of those moments where you throw your head back and laugh...and laugh...and laugh.  The kind of funny that still tickles your funny bone the next day.  And yes Pete, I was somewhat laughing at you.  But know I only do it to people I love.  You are awesome!

Just in case you didn't know, all stop signs have white rims around them.  And no, no stop sign is optional.  Pete, I know you didn't want me to blog about this, but it makes me giggle, and laughs should always be shared.  Just make sure when you have children that you tell them that all stop signs with a white rim are optional.  :)

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