A Happy Surprise

stained sink
This weekend our fam of 6 was able to spend some time together.  It's getting harder, but those moments are wonderful.  I talked to Harry earlier in the week and he wanted to know if I had some of that 'oxy stuff' that could get stains out of his shorts.  He wore them to work and got grease on them.  NOOOoooo!   Of course they are his nice shorts; and he probably tried washing and drying them to get the stains out; but set those stains right in.  Great.

Oxyclean and
very hot water
I pulled my Oxyclean off the top of the dryer & went to my porcelain sink to soak them in very hot water, because that's supposedly how you remove grease stains.  A side note about my sink.  I think it's the original to the house.  It has seen its better days.  (I would love a copper sink, but am not willing to spend the money to get one; there is too much money going out.)  One of my children, and I won't name which one (cough, Hopson) left dirty pans in it when he was living there after his freshman year of college and badly stained both sides of the sink.  I have no idea how long he left his dirty dishes in the sink, but they set-in.  I have tried many different ways to get the stains out over the last four years with no success, until yesterday.  I personally have a phobia about leaving dirty dishes in the sink, and not making up my bed.  Every-time I have done either one of those things bad things have happened.  I will be late somewhere rather than leave those two things undone.

So pretty. :)
I soaked Harry shorts in the hot water with Oxyclean for about an hour.  Once the water was finally cool enough for me to put my hands in it I really scrub them.  I then put some more Oxyclean on them and I scrubbed them some more.  Unfortunately, all the stains didn't come out, but after I rinsed all grime out of the sink, it shined like the top of the Chrysler Building!  Not one four year stain to be seen.  It was a most happy surprise!

Because it worked so well, this morning after church I decided to soak the other side.  I didn't soak it as long, but I had the same results.  I heard a trumpet fanfare and it was fantastic.  I wanted to share it with y'all just in case you have a porcelain sink that might need a quick whitening.

Celebrating Life & clean sinks!


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