The Best Part is, I like You

Hop's graduation from Auburn this May.
First off, I know how weird this is.  I've posted two days in a row after not writing anything for almost a year.  All my coherent thoughts are finally surfacing after all this time. :)

How my life has changed in 10 years!  10 years ago I was a crazy and stressed mom of 4 ages 5-12.  Fast forward to today & I'm still crazy, but I'm now a mom of 4 ages 15-22.  I don't know where those 10 years went, but they flew by.  While I was driving children places, teaching kids how to drive, cooking dinner, folding clothes, and monitoring homework, all my little chicks grew up.  I have always loved my children.  Duh, they're mine.  What I've really noticed over the last few years is that I like them, and I tell my children I like them.  At first they said:  "you have to we are your children", but that's an untrue statement.  I have to love them, but not like them.  I heard a mom say she loved her children, but didn't like them very much.  She said her children were mean.  Those statements saddened me greatly.  If you don't like your children, you need to change your parenting style, because  I have noticed that because I like my children, other people seem to like them too.

I think this is from 10 years ago. :)
I truly like the people my chicks have become.  I like to just hang out with them.  We don't even have to talk a lot; we can be sitting somewhere reading in companionable silence, and it is enjoyable.  I like to hear their thoughts on things.  I want to know their greatest desires and struggles.  I still don't like to play games with them, because 9 times out of 10 I lose.  (It's really bad for my psyche.)  If I win it's normally by luck & I will go on and admit I'm a bad winner.  I will dance around and flaunt my win directly in their face.  Then we play again, and I normally lose.  :/  (sorry, rabbit trail.)  I love to hear my children laughing together & forming a new kind of grown-up friendship.  It's interesting to hear the things they talk about and watch what they do together.

2015 Christmas Card picture.
I like my kids because I can still see the potential of what they will become as adults.  Hopson starts his first real job in the grown-up world tomorrow, and I still see his potential in the field he has chosen to work in.  Harry is a junior in college, working hard towards his degree.  The gauntlet of Elizabeth's senior year begins Wednesday when she goes for her senior pictures, and Henry will be a freshman in high school this fall.

Life is still full, but a little quieter now.  I can't imagine how quiet it will be once Elizabeth leaves for college.  I'm not sure Henry is ready for it yet.  He's told E he doesn't want her to leave.  He will be the only gopher left to do anything around the house.

Instead of Easter baskets this year we did an Easter pinata.
For those of you with little ones at home & are struggling because the days seem so long, enjoy every second.  I once had a seasoned mother tell me the days are long but the years are short.  How right she was.  I know this because I have come to appreciate time and all it has given me.  Memories of those crazy days and memories of laughter and love fill my heart.  I will always love my children, but the best part now is that I really like them too.

Celebrating Life,

Fall of 2014

Fall of 2012 (also our Christmas card pic from that year)


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