Mean People

We wear pink on Wednesdays.
Suck.  That's right I said it.  Mean people suck.  I'm fuming right now!  My heart beating like a drum & hands shaking kind of mad.  Mean people, ugh!  I asked my friend if I could tell her story here about her encounter with some mean kids & I have her ok, but I'm changing her name.

Jana is 24 weeks pregnant.  Not all of us are blessed with wonderful, glowing, easy pregnancies.  Some of us are sick and struggle through the 40 weeks of growing another human being inside our bodies.  Jana is one of these lucky few.  Did I mention she is also chasing a 2 year old around?  Talk about compounding your sickness and exhaustion.

It's summer in Alabama, and if you live here you know that means hot and humid.  Add in that it's been raining a ton, which we need, but it jacks the humidity close to 100% & makes it feel even hotter.  Being comfortable while also trying to chase said toddler can be tough on a body. Jana's husband bought her some cute leggings for her to wear with an over-sized shirt.  Perfect right?  All the mommas out there are saying "Oh my goodness, yes!".  This is not Jana's normal outfit and she said it is not something she feels comfortable wearing.  So, for her to step out in public, wearing an outfit that doesn't make her feel confident, is huge.

All was going great until...mean kids.  You know what I've learned about mean kids?  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  A lot of times if you have a mean kid, you have a mean momma or daddy somewhere in the mix.  Lived it, so yeah, I know.  You know what else, I do judge your parenting according to how your children act, because you're the one raising them right?  I also understand children at some point make their own decisions, but did you do ANYTHING to see how your child was acting?  Do they have social media?  Check it!  Do they want to be away from you a lot?  Ever ask yourself why?  Do they show a smart aleck attitude at home?  They might be sharing that same attitude with all of us.

All you parents out there...stop raising mean kids!  I don't know who first started this "don't make your children feel shame" business, but they need a swift kick in the butt.  Shame is good if it brings repentance for wrong behavior.  The shame is removed when we ask for forgiveness.  (notice I said ask & not when forgiveness is granted.)  We should be trying to help our children to be kind, and sometimes shame helps move that process along faster.  (There are other ways my momma cured me of being a smart aleck, but those are a little more for those of us who embrace the 'spare the rod and spoil the child' mentality, and are not for those raising snowflakes.)

Jana and her husband were in the store and heard giggling behind them.  She turned around to find three teenagers laughing at her & taking pictures of she and her husband.  (no doubt snap-chatting them)  Jana knew this was directed at her because no one else was around.  :/  This is a woman who is intelligent, a small business owner, a loving momma and wife, and very talented stage manager.  Teenagers should not make her feel that way, but no one finds humor at being laughed at and made fun of.  If I find out who did this to her, I will publicly shame them.  I don't give a rat's behind if it's nice or not.  (see explanation of shaming above)

I think it's time for the nice people of the world to start standing up to the mean people, because you know what?  I'm willing to bet there are a ton more of us than there are of them.

Celebrating life and a beYOUtiful strong woman of God,


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