Look at All This Stuff!


Look at all this stuff in my living room.  It's a little overwhelming.  October 25th is the Ballet Women's Committee Fall Extravaganza.  We have a holiday shoppe, silent auction, fashion show, and a drawing for some mack daddy inside-out diamond earrings.  (I really hope I win them!)

My house is serving as the holding pen for all the silent auction things.  It's not so bad except that I really want to keep a lot of the stuff that's in here.  I know exactly where I would put the things I'm storing.  ;)  Just kidding, my house is already so full of stuff I really don't need anything else.  But, it has been fun to see everything the members have brought.  It's given me some great ideas for my house.  Today we worked on getting everything priced. 

The red & white stuff is not quite my taste...
I love orange & blue.  :)
Well, I really need to go work on some bid sheets.  Lots to do & time is getting closer to the event.  It's going to be a blast!  I'll try to take pictures the day of so you can see what it all looks like.  Oh yeah, I'm modeling too, so y'all pray I don't fall.  I love my outfit I'm modeling.  I get to wear my cowboy boots with it.  Yea!!!

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