Random Thought Friday

I have been watching the meanest show.  It's called 'Prank My Mom'.  OMG, these kids are so mean.  They set their moms up by doing crazy things.  Like buying a stolen car with a briefcase full of Euros; or telling their moms they are dating one of their professors.  It's just horrible, and so terribly funny.  Wow, I think I would have to hurt my children if they did that to me.  Oy!

I had a lunch date with Hopson today.  It was very nice for the two of us to go and just talk while we inhaled our food.  It's a bad habit.  We're always on the go, and we eat a little too quickly.  It was great just to spend some time with Honey Daddy without any children around.  We need to go out with other couples, but we might have to wait until after football season is over. 

I'm heading out.  The Rebels have an away game tonight.  Hopson will be pacing, he can't sit still for anything.  :)  Betty Crocker will be reporting live on Face Book.  :)

Celebrating Life & hopefully another win for the Rebels!


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