Sometimes Beauty Is Painful

And here we go...
Guys have it so much easier.  They don't have to worry about fixing their hair.  No make-up. (I hope)  If a guys clothes don't really match no one really cares.  But, if a girl doesn't have it all together, she may want to check her back to see how many knives are stuck in it.  Not all girls are hateful, but there are enough of them out there to make you feel bad about yourself.  Don't believe me?  There is research to prove that prettier people get hired more often and make more money.  I think this is true to some degree.  I know that we have a child that responds to pretty teachers more than average looking ones.  Is it right?  No, but sometimes that's how life is.  Some like to judge the outside before they take time to know the inside.

This part hurts the worst.
Our family can grow hair like nobody's business.  I had to start having my eyebrows waxed at age 11, and before that my mom would hold me down and pluck them.  Ouch!  Hopson and I have passed this wonderful ability to grow hair to all of our children.  They love it, NOT!  The one good thing about it is if we get a bad haircut it will be grown out in a few weeks.  Not so bad after all.  Also, E had donated hair to Locks for Love three times.  That's 30 inches of hair.  She's working on LFL ponytail #4.  Should be ready some time next year.  :)

Eye on the left done, right undone
Anyway, I was looking at Elizabeth's eyebrows, and noticed that they were getting a little thick, so it was time to introduce her to getting her eyebrows waxed.  Oh joy.  When I was about 12 the lady who waxed mine accidentally got Sea Breeze in my eye.  It stung, a little bit, but I digress.

We got Henry in on the action. :)
Ms. Monika, one of the ONLY people I trust with my childrens' hair, was our no brainer choice to wax E's eyebrows.  In we go; E to the chair; wax on; wax off; badda bing; badda, big difference.  And so begins her journey to the joys of being a girl, and trying to get your outside to match your inside. 

Celebrating Life!


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