Yes, At Times It Can Be Shocking

The Fab Four
Friday the fam went out to lunch.  Yea!  I don't have to worry about what to feed the peeps today.  Of course the children chose to go a local Japanese steak house.  Yum.  Sushi for me.  :) 

Yes, there are a lot of us, and yes, we're loud.  We've been known to haze each other and pile on while someone had been knocked down.  You need fairly thick skin in this house.  (It's all done in fun & we do love each other very much.)  We arrive at our table, and there were two people already sitting when the six of us fill in the rest of the table.  The man's eyes about popped out of his head.  I looked at him & said:  "yes, we're a pretty big group".  He gave me a totally smart aleck smile & started talking to the woman he came to eat with.

So the orders are placed and they begin to bring out each course:  soup, salad, rice, and meat.  I don't think the people sitting beside me had ever eaten Japanese before.  The guy looked at the onion broth, not knowing what it was, and then began to complain how it was too salty.  Hey buddy, if you don't want it, just put it off to the side, but don't complain please.  If you were my child I would tell you that you don't have to eat anything, but you're not going to sit there and complain about it.  Oui! 

I should have known he was a complainer, he order filet mignon for lunch.   

We're eating, the children are all getting along, talking nicely to each other, and using their good manners.  WooHoo!!!  As far as the fam was considered, lunch was a delight.  Towards the end though, the guy sitting next to me looks over the children and says:  "your children are very well mannered".  I told him we beat them on a regular basis.  I think he believed me.  Hey dude, not every baby/toddler/child/teenager you see is bad.  A lot of them are pretty cool.  If you expect to see only bad things in them, guess what?  That is what you'll see. 

I know my fam is big.  I know we're loud, but you know what, don't you ever assume my kids are bad.  You know what they say about assuming things.  It was a nice lunch and I hope to repeat it fairly soon.  ;)

Celebrating Life!


  1. I hope that my baby is as wonderful as your children! I'm afraid I may need "parenting lessons" from a seasoned veteran!


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