HaHa! Oh Yeah, I Forgot...

Just some of the dishes I used while baking tonight. :/
...I hate to bake.  No really, I do.  Love to cook, hate to bake.  I'm so bad at it.  It's partly because I'm lazy, partly because if you mess up while you're cooking you can usually doctor it up and make it taste OK.  Not so in baking.  If you mess up what you're baking, just save yourself some time & throw it in the garbage.  I know some great bakers, and they make some of the best looking and best tasting desserts.  (my mother-in-law can bake like no body's business!) 

So, I tell you this because I told Elizabeth I would bake a cake...from scratch.  What?!  Who said that?!  Did I just say I would bake a cake from scratch?  I want to ask myself:  "Are you stupid or something?".  If stupid is as stupid does, then pass the dunce hat.  I need to wear it for a bit.  I tried to make a German chocolate cake.  Tried being the key phrase.  Looking at the finished product, that is not what I made.  I made a very dense chocolate cake.  My pride won't let me put a picture of the finished product on here, it's just that bad.  :/ 

What's worse is that I made a MESS!  I don't mind making a mess if I'm cooking a full meal, but if it's a mess from baking I just want to cry.  I don't know what the difference is, but mentally there is a difference.  Well, if people give A's for effort, then I get an A+.  If it's based on performance, then I would not be the 'Next Great Baker'.    

Oh well, I'm just going to laugh at myself & let the fam laugh at me too.  After we all have a good laugh, I'll pass out some Pepto for the rocks sitting in our stomachs.  :)

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