Well, at Least I Look Like an Olympian...Kinda

This is what my KT tape should look like.
You've seen all the different Olympic athletes with that funky tape on their backs, hamstrings, feet, shoulders, and anywhere else they may need it.

Well, you know who is wearing the ole' KT tape?  That would be me.  Can I tell you how cool I look.  OK, not really, but I feel like I look like an Olympian, maybe...in my own mind. 

I have to say though, it's hard to put KT tape on your own calf, especially when your leg is supposed to be in the stretched position while you put it on, and said calf hurts while you are trying to apply it.  Yesterday I put it on myself and I didn't do too well. It came off in the middle of me exercising.  Trying to get little people to help you doesn't really go well either.  Trying to tell them where to place the tape and how to stretch didn't go very smoothly this morning, but as of 4:30 it is still on.  :)  Yea!

Well, it has felt great to get back to exercising.  I was not even getting my heart rate up riding the bike.  (and I would ride for 2 hours)  I just needed to shake my bootie a little.  Zumba has become like drugs, I gotta have just one more class.  I feel so great & an hour flies.

I will sleep very well tonight!

Celebrating Life!


  1. We use that tape on Mary Emma a lot! I wish we were a little closer & I'd put it on you!

  2. Please explain the tape to me! I've seen it all through the Olympics. What's its purpose?


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