Lookin' at the Calendar

Well, I'm looking at my calendar for the week, and I can feel my blood pressure going up.  No really, I can.  I all of a sudden have a very big headache and I think I'm going to hyperventilate.  You know that moment when you just realize that you have too many things to do & not enough time to do them in.  Yeah, I'm there.

I get this way at the start of every school year.  Too much to do and it's my fault for agreeing to it.  I'm serious about becoming a hermit.  I'm going to quit answering emails & my phone.  I'll be that parent that people ask "I don't know her, help me place her".  They'll say:  "you remember her, she's the one who went crazy trying to be and do everything; she's a control freak, and it drove her literally crazy".  They'll catch glimpses of me like I'm Sasquatch.  I'll become a legend.  ;)

Maybe I'll just a legend in my own mind.  LOL.  I complain, but I like it.  (most of it anyway)  Tomorrow is Monday & it's off to the races, which is why we live for the weekends.

Celebrating Life!


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