Something I Really Hate

Celebrating Fighters everywhere
I hate very few things, but what I do hate, I hate with a passion.  There is one hatred that I want to talk about because it's something I've dealt with way too much.  It's the "C" word...cancer.

Cancer is a horrible thing.  I think it was invented by the devil.  I'm not saying this glibly, I know what cancer does; I've seen it with my own eyes.  Cancer is something that steals, that kills, that destroys.  (sounds like a familiar bible verse doesn't it:  John 10:10.) 

In June, we went to visit my brother, sister-in-law & my sweet nephew.  Yes, he's mine.  :)  While there we went to Busch Gardens, and while there I met a very nice lady, Lori, who Cotton sends all the monogramming business to from his company.  Lori is married with two children, 15 & 3, and she was just diagnosed with cancer.  As of today, Lori has made it through her first week of chemo & radiation.

Her cancer is aggressive and has a high recurrence rate.  She is scheduled to have surgery, but first must have chemo & radiation.  That's how we deal with cancer.  We pump people full of poisons, burn them with radiation, and cut them open in hopes to remove cells that have started running amok.  It is an arduous road filled with side effects that are almost as horrible as the treatment itself.

Having cancer is not cheap.  Doctor's bills pile up even if you have insurance.  (and for those of you who think it will get better under Obamacare, you can think again.  Instead of it being expensive, you'll be left to die because you're too old, not old enough, you're chances of survival aren't good enough, or you have to come back in 6 months to a year to start treatment, so you would die before you could get treatment anyway.  Sorry, soapbox, I know.)  The medicine to make sure you don't have a seizure or to combat the side effects from the chemo is expensive as well.  Money out, money out, money out.  Because of this, many people have fund raisers to help support friends who are battling the monster.  Lori's friends and family are not different. 

I'm begging you to pray for Lori.  Pray for others who are going through the same thing.  These people are my heroes.  They are fighters.  If you're interested in one of the 'I'm a Fighter' shirts let me know.  They are $20 each, and all the proceeds will go to help Lori.

Celebrating Life & Fighters Everywhere!


  1. Ashley,

    Thank you for the post. If anyone is interested in purchasing a t-shirt, it is for a good cause. Lori has two children aging 15 years and 2 years.

    Thank you,

    Cotton Lowe


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