Incredible is the Only Word I Can Use

During the Olympics, NBC was promoting a new show called "Stars Earn Stripes".  I have been looking forward to seeing it since I saw the first commercial.  What a great concept.  You take some huge stars and athletes; pair them with real men of the arm forces (Navy Seals, Delta Force, Marines, SWAT commanders, CIA, the sniper with the most documented kills in US history); give them a mission with live explosions and ammo; and you know what you get?  Incredible TV. 

It now becomes appointment TV.  This was so amazing.  Each celebrity has a charity that centers around the military that they are playing for.  Great is what I'd call it; it's just great.  Now there will be a group celebrities who know what so many of us already do...that the US military, all branches, is the most amazing selfless group of people ever.  They place themselves in danger everyday so I can do stupid things like blog.  They leave their families to go to a forward position.  They think about danger & then head right into it.  They watch friends die and still are willing to go on. 

They go on because they must; they go on because they know that their country needs them.  They don't like bullies, and they stand up for the little guy.

So to all the military of the USA, know that we're thankful.  We are grateful to everyone who serves, and everyone that lays their lives down for our country.  We need to say 'thank you' more often!

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