Thinking of My Friends

Christy & Jackie
Tomorrow a lot of my friends will be moving their college freshman out of their home, and into a dorm, apartment or house.  I'm thinking about my friends.  I'm praying that everything goes smoothly.  I'm praying for safety while their chicks are outside the nest.  I'm so thankful, that it is not me, but it will be, in 365 days. 

Ellen & Patrick

Do you know how fast a year is?  If you ask a pregnant mom to be, it's like a turtle running a marathon.  If you ask a mother of a senior in high school, it's way too fast.  I wish I could slow down time.  I wish I could give my friends one more night with their children under their roof, because once they leave, life is never the same.  Home is just a place you visit, not really a place you call home.  I remember the exact moment I realized that, and I'm not ready for my child to realize that yet.  I like them all in the nest.  Even if they don't spend a lot of time here, they at least have to sleep here, and check in here, and eat and get money from here, and have me do their laundry here.

Leslie & Margaret
Great, now I'm crying.  I'm crying that my children are growing up too fast.  I'm crying for my friends who are leaving their children on their own.  I'm crying the tears I know I'm going to shed for next year.  I need to quit borrowing next year's emotions, it will come fast enough as it is.

So I'm going to call, text, and email my friends to let them know I'm thinking about them.  And every second of every day I'm going to thank God that I have 365 more days will all four children at home.

Celebrating one more year of Life!


  1. Oh my...thank you and so well said Ashley! The Senior year goes by too fast and there is so much that needs to be done for college, while they are still trying to keep up with their high school grades and events. Just a whirlwind of activity that leads to the inevitable end of your intact family.. difficult to look ahead...six more months, two more months...last concert, last vacation while they "dont have a choice", one more month, two weeks left, last Sunday at church...oh my....all while emptying your wallet to purchase things they need for school/housing. It is all sad...all while we put on our public face of being so proud of them and excited for them. I wholeheartedly agree with your Sips and Sobs comment for Freshman parents. We are the ones who need it!! Thanks again for your prayers. I feel at peace now, still missing him terribily, but know he is at a good place and doing fine.


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