Different but Not

Day three in sharing thought provoking stories.  I'm really liking this.  I feel like a critic, but in a good way.  Too much negative...need more positive!  I read this article tonight and I thought of my sorority sister Andi. 

Andi is a blogger...no scratch that, she is an incredible freelance writer. (she may disagree, but read for yourself & decide.  I think she's pretty darn good.)  Andi is a lion of a mother.  She is inspiring and she shares her heart.

Today a precious 10 month old was named as a swimsuit model for DCKids.  (I think they're based in Spain???)  Ok, that's no big deal.  Children are named as models all the time right?  Well yes, but this precious one has Down Syndrome.  I understand all the hoopla, but then again I don't.  Yes, she has Down's, but that's not what I noticed first.  I noticed a beautiful reflection of The Maker.  She is precious.  You just want to grab her up and nuzzle her cheeks. 

I wish people didn't notice differences first.  I wished they noticed character.  Yes, a child may look different, but what is their heart like.  I know quite a few special needs children who are the sweetest little ones around.  They are kind and loving.  (I know a lot of it is because of their parents!  These moms and dads have poured hours of love, a little discipline, and more love to help mold these sweet children.)  I also know some "typical" kids who make me want to cry.  Heart.  It's all about what's in their heart, and am I doing what I need to do to love and connect with these precious ones.

Children are beautiful creations, no matter what they look like.  Andi, I know you're proud of Sarah Kate & Nathan.  You can tell by the beautiful words you say about them, and the advocate you are for them.  You are an inspiration to me as a mom!  Thank you for blessing us by sharing your babies.  (I know SK is not a baby anymore, but I still call my almost 18 year old my baby...)  Beautiful!

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