Why Yes, I Have Talent

You know how you have friends who have random talents, totally obscure, and totally useless talents.  Well, I have a few.  I know you're totally shocked.  One I learned in high school as a freshman & the other I learned in college as a sophomore.  I'm sure I have others but these are the most prominent. 

You know when you eat something sour and little drops of spit will fly out of your mouth?  I've heard it called snake spitting, yanging, or gleeking.  No matter what you call it, I can do it at random.  I know, it's gross.  What can I say?  I had a lot of guy friends in high school and they taught me how.  I'll eat something sour and can spit 10-12 times in a row without stopping.  When the kiddos were young they thought it was hilarious, and would ask me to do it a ton of times in a row.  Now they'll just shake their heads because they don't have this wonderful random talent.  I'm glad my momma isn't alive to read this, she would be mortified because ladies don't spit!

My second talent is that I can drive left footed.  I know this may not seem a big deal, but I do it with my right booted leg (or full leg cast) slung across the center console.  It's not hard, just takes practice.  I learned in college when I tore my meniscus.  (I only skipped class twice in my life, both in college, and this is what happened.  Kids, skipping class anytime is bad!)  It's harder and takes longer to get in and out of the car, and to get everything set-up to drive than the actual driving itself.  I'm a little out of practice, but am getting the hang of it really fast.  Harry has been willing to drive me around a little, so I don't have to drive all the time.  Thanks Harry!!!

I started physical therapy today.  Amy, a friend and my PT, thinks it's going to be a 6 week recovery.  :(  Hopefully I'm not going to go crazy between now and then, or re-injure myself.  I'm a horrible patient.

Well, now you know my grand talents.  :)  I hope they made you laugh.  I would love to know what crazy talents you have too! 

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