The Best Read of All Time

I'm not going to do a typical good read for today's posting.  There is the ultimate good read that I haven't posted about.  It's one that has saved my life not just here on earth, but for eternity.  It's a love letter.  It's been misquoted and misused, and improperly used to hurt millions, but if you know the truth that's found within, it will set you free.  It's a book that I want my children to know and love.

Right now though, I'm sitting here alone, missing my peeps.  The older three are at Motion:  our church's student conference.  The cool thing is, I can worship from home & watch the messages they are seeing.  I love the internet & live streaming! 

It has been a great conference so far, and the speakers that are here have been speaking biblical truths to all the kids.  I have been so blessed to be able to talk to the children about what they heard & what their thoughts are.  I really wanted to help at Motion, but my children need to be able to do things where I'm not watching over their shoulders all the time.  (They think I'm a big creeper as it is...I hear them breaking out the scissors to cut some of the apron strings.)  It's funny that the messages that the speakers are giving are just as relevant for adults as they are for the kids.  I'm hoping that I will be able to download the messages, I'll have to ask someone tomorrow at church.  If they do, I'll send you all the links.  Life changing, thought provoking, Jesus focused messages.  Being set apart for the great things God has planned for them.  Good stuff!!!

If you or your children ever get the chance to hear Mercy Lokulutu, Sanga Samways, or Rich Wilkerson Jr. speak, I highly recommend it.  They are all amazing spirit-filled speakers.  They love the Lord and love people.  They speak biblical truths with love.  I enjoyed listening to Sanga speak.  (he's from down under.)  Our Aussie brothers and sisters have the coolest accents. 

I just received a text from the peeps, they are on their way home.  I can't wait to talk to them.  I can't wait to hear how God moved at Motion.  I know they will be changed forever.  God is good!

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