The tag on the cookies.
I dont' know why it won't
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Today was my church's annual Serve Day.  It is a chance for the church family to go into our city and show the love of Jesus in a tangible way.  The sky is the limit.  If you can do it to show someone some love, or help someone that needs to be helped...go for it.  The video team put together a video recap of some things that went on today.

Josh, Henry & Elizabeth
We had a cool experience as we said a little thank you to the firemen & police in our city.  As Elizabeth, Henry & Henry's friend, Josh, delivered the cookies to one of the local fire stations, one of the men on duty asked them if this was how they were serving today. They said yes, and he said that since he was on duty he wasn't going to get to participate in Serve Day.  It was cool to know that we were able to serve a member of the church who serves and puts his life on the line every time he goes to work.  I told Elizabeth that she should have told him that he 'just got served'.  :)  (you have to interject that with some attitude to make it sound right.)  Age didn't matter!  The youngest and the oldest were serving together.  Makes my heart happy!

Elizabeth & Henry serving
a member of our church who
had to be on duty.
Our pastor said there were some men who spent 10 hours putting a new roof on an elderly woman's home.  I just think that's cool.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus, no matter if you: deliver cookies;  pick-up trash; have a fun day for local kids; take your baby and visit a nursing home; clean and paint a school; or give someone a new roof.  It was all done with love, and all to the glory of Jesus!   

If your church doesn't have a Serve Day, organize one.  It's cool to think of all the different ways we can love on others.  It does a body good!!!

Celebrating Life & #serveday2012,


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