Remembering Deb

I'm doing a double posting today.  I want to remember my friend Debbi.  Do you remember your very first friend from school?  I do, I remember meeting her like it was yesterday.  We were as opposite as the day is long, and growing up I loved her dearly.

It was the first day of first grade.  We had just moved to Dunwoody, Georgia.  I knew no one.  I saw her in the room.  She was tall, blond, and had the cutest little pigtails.  I was short, dark headed, and had long hair.  She was sweet, I was loud.  She made me laugh, and I loved my very first best friend.

We had a lot in common.  We both swam, danced, and would spend hours listening to records.  Every time I hear Double Dutch Bus and The Boy From New York City I think of Debbi.  I'm shocked her sister Dana didn't steal the records and shatter them.  I loved spending the night at Debbi's house.  Her mom would make us chocolate chip pancakes in different shapes, and let me put as much syrup on it as I wanted.  We didn't eat sweets growing up, so Mrs. B let me indulge my sweet tooth.  I was fascinated when Debbi's family bought one of the first microwaves.  It was the coolest thing ever.  I can't remember if it was Debbi and me or someone else that we put something wrapped in aluminum foil in the microwave.  We didn't know that we would have our own little lightening show.    

I moved away in the third grade, but Debbi and I would get together every once in a while to keep up with each other.  Deb never changed.  When we were to together it was like we were never separated.  We still swam, danced, and listened to records.  I wished we had done it more often.  She went to a university here in Birmingham and I went to Auburn.  Once we graduated she moved home to the Atl & I got married and Hopson and I chose to live in Birmingham.  We would send Christmas cards, and talk every so often.

I wish we had talked more.    

Six years ago today my very first school best friend passed away.  She had just turned 34.  34...34 is too  young.  Her earthly life had barely begun, but I know what she's doing in heaven.  God has given her a dance class full of little children who never had the chance for dance classes.  They rejoice and dance for the beauty of the Lord.  I can't wait to see her again one day.

I don't see the color pink and not think of Debbi. If a color could be someone, pink would be Deb. Pink is a graceful, kind, and faithful; it is a true and friendly color. Pink is loyal, loves with all it's heart; it soars and dreams.  It's Debbi.  

Happy Angelversary Debbi. You are loved, missed, and you will always be remembered.

Celebrating Debbi's Life today!


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