OH NO, Not Again!

Let me start off my saying that is there is some random way I can hurt myself, I'm pretty sure I'll do it.  I'm such a dork.  I mean, I know, from my children, that I'm a goober, so that's not earth shattering news, but now I have the boot to prove it.  In March I had hoped that my hurting knees from snow skiing would be the worst thing to happen to me this year.  That is a no go.

So, it's 8 am.  We're at the pool because Elizabeth & Henry have swim practice & I'm going to do Zumba, because it rocks.  I completely forgot that Zumba didn't start until 10:30 today.  Bleh, oh well, I guess I'm coming back to workout at 10:30.  I drive the peeps home, run by the bank, and then get back in time for the class to start.  I LOVE IT.  I love my instructor.  She is a great teacher.  The choreography of her routines make sense; they aren't too hard, but you can make them harder if you want to. 

We've done the warm-up, and now I'm ready to work it!!!  I love it, love it, love it.  I love that I'm going to be breathing hard & sweating like no body's business.  I love having fun while I'm burning major calories.  We are on the first, let me repeat, FIRST, routine.  I'm in the zone, lovin' the Latin music, and then I feel a POP.  I know that pop.  I've felt it before, and it is not a very pleasant feeling.  I immediately sit down.  I know it's bad.  But maybe not. 

Maybe I'm just thinking the worst.  I rub it for a bit & then stand up.  Yep, it's as bad as I thought.  I really just want to lay on the floor in the fetal position and cry.  Everyone in the class is worried, and asking what they can do for me; they are so sweet!  Unfortunately, if it's what I know in my heart it is, there's nothing that can be done.  As I'm hobbling to my car I call Hopson, the children, and then our orthopedist's office.  I'm in tears by this point & the pain is shooting up from my calf into my hamstring.  I know what this is, I know, I know. 

The doctor's office was very sweet & they fit me in.  I couldn't sit too much because my muscle would get stuck & stretching it back out hurts!  I get back, have x-rays taken, and the doctor uses an ultrasound (which he tells me he will let me know if it's going to be a boy or a girl...not funny.) to see exactly what I've done to myself.  I am proud to say I have a partial tear in the head of my gastrocnemius.  For us non-doctor types, that's a tear in my calf muscle.  Nice.  So, now I'm in a boot, and I broke out my old crutches. 

Oh well, it could always be worse.  It's not a terminal diagnosis, although, I do have to take 2 aspirin to keep from developing a blood clot.  It's not one of my children, or my husband who it injured, so you know what?  No complaints here.  Is it a pain?  Yes, both figuratively and relatively.  But, I'll survive, and now at least my right leg matches my left one.  :)

Celebrating Life!



  1. yikes - that sounds awful! Let us bring you some food... any allergies or "I absolutely don't eat that"s on the list?


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