It's Just Good Clean Fun

The entrance to Santuck flea market.
It is so big it's on both
sides of the road!

The flea market in Santuck is just fun.  And it's HUGE.  It is run by the people of the Santuck community. It has to take at least 100 volunteers to pull this thing off.  I should have taken some pictures of the cars lining the road.  For a little town that doesn't even have a stop light, it's rather impressive.  Hundreds of people show up to walk around, look at the different booths, and hope to get a good deal. 

The flea market opens at daybreak and closes at 2pm.  When I say it opens at daybreak, I mean daybreak.  The sun will be barely peaking over the horizon, and there will be a pretty big crowd there.  We arrived at 6:15am, and there were already cars lining the road, and we had to park at the far end of one of the lots.  Oh the agony, I had to actually walk.  Just kidding, it wasn't that bad.  :)  Because it was raining, the crowd started off a little light, but by 8 am, it was crowded.  I think people were scared of the rain.  We ended up getting some great deals because of it. Yea for deals!!!

Schnitzel anyone?

You can buy anything at Santuck:  clothing for adults & children; shoes; tazers; handmade furniture; doodads for your home; fun cups and toys for the fam; different kinds of food; jewelry; purses; dogs; goats; pigs; and chickens.  Yes, I did say goats, pigs, and chickens; that is not a typo.  Amy, Elizabeth & I had a great time.  We found Amy's birthday present.  She wanted a pair of boots.  They looked like her & were way too cute.  I bought two pair of sunglasses for $8.  (that's for both, not each) 

You see all kinds in Santuck.
Here were two ladies who
showed up in pjs and rollers.

The gift I was most excited about was for Hopson, and it was going to be part of his Christmas present, but I couldn't wait until Christmas to give him.  :/  Amy was making fun of me because she knew I wouldn't wait.  It was too perfect for him.  He has one rule whenever he takes the children and/or their friends anywhere.  Rule #1:  Don't get dad in trouble.  Rule #2 is to always refer back to rule number one.  There was a guy who was woodworking on signs.  You picked out a sign and he would carve what you wanted one the sign.  He didn't write it out with a pencil first, and he didn't really watch what or where he was writing; he just went to town on it.  It was fascinating to watch.  I was speechless, so I bought two signs from him.  :)  He was the nicest guy.  He said he had been woodworking for 30 years, and said when the Lord gave you something you were good at, and it's something you loved doing, it's to be a gift for others.  Words of wisdom from Santuck, Alabama. 

I bought a few other things.  :)  We had a great time in Santuck shopping and people watching.  It was just good clean fun!

Celebrating Life,


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