My Pretty Princess Has a New Pair of Shoes

Mrs. Kelly & Elizabeth
Today is the day Elizabeth has been waiting on for a long time.  Miss Priss has herself a new pair of shoes.  Pointe shoes. 

She has been patient yet persistant in asking for her shoes.  We met her ballet/pointe teacher, Mrs. Kelly, at the local dancewear store.  She wanted to check E's fit with her shoes.  Elizabeth tried on three different pair.  The first one was too big.  The second fit like a glove, and the third was ok, but not as great as pair number two.  Number two it is.  Don't forget the toe pads, very important.  We had to use lamb's wool, now they have gel toe pads.  I don't know how much different it all is once your foot is crammed into the box of the shoe, but lamb's wool is outdated, so yea for gel pads!

We get home, and now it's my turn to get to work.  One pair of pointe shoes with elastic and ribbons sewn on, no problem.  Well, except one.  It's been over twenty years since I had my pointe shoes.  I had forgotten how to sew on the elastic, and did it on the lip of the shoe.  Great!  Thank goodness for seam rippers.  I rip out the old stitches & re-sew the elastic, and then I used you tube to make sure I sew the ribbon right.  Yea!  I did it.  And I didn't do that bad of a job either.  It's the little accomplishments in life that mean so much to me now.

Elizabeth had ballet and pointe today.  The look on her face, when she arrived home after dance, was worth all of my work getting the shoes ready.  She loved every toe crunching moment of it, and couldn't wait to put the shoes on when she was home.  I had fun taking pictures of her feet in her pointe shoes.  I think I'm going to pin some of them on Pinterest.

I can't wait to watch her become stronger and more confident on her shoes.  It's going to be a wonderful journey to be a part of!

Celebrating Life & long awaited new shoes!


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